You and your car survived the winter. Thanks to your preparation and careful driving, you stayed on the road and emerged from the thaw without incident. Before breathing that sigh of relief and going on your way, spend some time preparing for the road ahead. Heat can stress cars as much as the cold, so take steps now to prepare you and your car for the spring and summer by following these important Hall Honda Virginia Beach tips.

Check the Climate Control System

Many drivers forget about their air conditioner while relying on the heater during the winter months. During that time, air conditioners can leak refrigerant and experience other mechanical failures without notice. Before getting caught without relief in the heat, take your car to your dealer for an AC checkup.

Inspect Windshield Wipers

During the winter, windshield wipers can stick to the windshield and tear before breaking free. Don’t let damaged wipers catch you off guard when the spring rains hit. Inspect your wipers and replace them if they look damaged or worn. If you need help with this, stop by your dealer for assessment, parts, and installation.

Inspect Tires

Your tires were fine before winter. Several months and possibly thousands of miles later, your tires may not be in such good shape now. Cold temperatures make the air inside tires shrink; that’s why you inflated your tires for winter driving. As the air warms, however, the air expands, often causing overinflated tires that can wear unevenly and prematurely. Check the tires on your car for proper air pressure and adjust them if necessary. If you can’t find the tire pressure information for your car, call your dealer for help.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 3,000 deaths and 116,000 injuries between 2005 and 2009 resulted from tire-related problems. Don’t become part of those statistics. Let your dealer’s service department help determine if you need new tires to stay safe.

Replace Air Filter

During the winter weather, salt and sand that are used to keep roads safe affect your car’s air filter. Ask Hall Honda Virginia Beach to check your air filter for signs of problems. We can quickly install an authorized replacement filter if necessary. By restoring free airflow into your engine, you can boost the fuel efficiency of your car by one-tenth or more. You will also improve acceleration, so take it easy on the gas.

Time for a Carwash

The melting snow, salt, and sand on winter roads covers your car and its undercarriage with a corrosive mixture, setting the stage for rust and marred paint. With winter weather past, take your car to the car wash for a thorough cleaning to prevent lasting damage from the winter. With some intentional care, you can keep your car looking great for a long time to come.

General Inspection

The break between winter and summer is a great time to give your car a good once-over. Verify your registration and inspection stickers are up-to-date and that your insurance cards and all your paperwork are in order. Also, check fluid levels for the oil, transmission, brakes, power steering, and windshield wash. If your car is due for scheduled maintenance, take it to your dealer now to have it done. Routine maintenance and prompt repairs will help your car beat the challenges of the heat.

After surviving a tough winter, don’t let up on your car care. By taking these simple steps to prepare your car for warmer weather, you and the Hall Honda Virginia Beach service team can set the stage for many more months of safe and trouble-free driving.